essive: indicating a temporary state of being - from The Phrontistery: Obscure Words and Vocabulary Resources

Agents - Semantics and Meaning

The internet is changing. Today, web documents provide static information interspersed with images objects and forms. It is fairly easy to find information on the web, however, it is not easy to establish or determine the meaning of the content delivered. How do you determine the relationship between things and information found on one site vs. another? How do you represent knowledge in a meaningful way? Enter the Semantic Web.

I founded Essive Innovations in 1999 as an internet consulting company specializing in web design, construction, and optimization. Over time I started to discover that the intricacies of the web were changing from a static model to something much larger and more dynamic. Today the trends are moving to a synthesis of design, style, substance, semantics, autonomy, social networking and technology. Many have shared their own experiences of how information and meaning are not only revolutionary as part of the web 1.0 but also life changing for those who are now finding financial independence through social and semantic links. How this will change in the future is anyone's guess. Time to think outside the box - enjoy!

Autonomous Agents
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